The Gadgets


The Boot
Just your everyday run of the (tread)mill boots. These little guys come in handy when you want to get to that next item faster, as well as providing at least some way for you Guardian to get into the fight with a kick!


The Blunderbuss
Now, this little chap packs a serious amount of punch. When fired, The Blunderbuss releases a cone of energy, that not only damages but also pushes its victim away. Beware though, the serious amount of energy being released will also push back the owner too!


The Harpoon
The Harpoon is a clever contraption and in the right hands, it could be the most dangerous item in play at any given time. Using a clever blend of old-school tech and modern day science The Harpoon will fire out a projectile which will latch onto any unsuspecting Guardian in its path and drag them back!


The Polarity Blade
Beware when being hit by The Polarity Blade as your Guardian may find himself in an uncomfortable situation. This high-tech sword is packed with the latest technology which makes it very good for hitting other Guardians with!


The Gravity Grenade
Now this baby is fun! Launch grenades at your opponents and watch them fly off in pain. All this firepower comes at a cost and isn't bothered about what gets in its way, so remember to not let it bog you down!


The Reversal Staff
Some say this gadget is just for trolling, others think it's actually quite good. You'll have to make decisions for yourselves but don't let it get you confused. Let us just say any Guardian hit with this stick may find himself doing exactly the opposite of what he wants!


The Swap Box
The clue should be in the name for The Swap Box, this little guy will get you out of any sticky situation and put some unfortunate fool in your place. Just remember though, with great power comes great respons...... I mean quite a long cooldown!