The Traps

 The Grabber
The Grabber is no joke, you don't want to get caught in its nasty bite. While holding its victim in place it can be lethal when combined with any ranged traps, inflicting devastating amounts of damage to the unlucky Guardian who happens to be caught within it!

The Impaler
The Impaler is incredibly deadly and is completely automatic! It deals large amounts of damage to anyone who is stood on it when it activates. Its sharp spikes thrust upward impaling anyone in its way! It can be used in combination with most other ranged traps to create awesome effects! 

The Springer
The Spring Trap is the most elegant of all the traps. It is easily missed and incredibly powerful if paired with some of the more hard-hitting traps. It does no damage but is great for getting your enemies where you want them!

The Slicer
The Slicer is not to be messed with, and any Guardian caught on top of it when the rotatory blades appear will be wishing they were back in their own dimension instead!

The Jabber
The Jabber is a heavy hitter and can be combined with numerous other traps to help set up devastating combos. It can be used to both move and damage your opponents, they also work well when used with other Jabber traps. Be sure to roll with the punches when this thing goes off because it sure packs one!

The Scorcher
The Scorcher can certainly be too hot to handle for even the bravest Guardian. Spouting flames in multiple directions it's the perfect partner for many traps that hold its victim in place! 

The Zapper
Any Guardian standing near The Zapper will be sure in for a shock. This ranged trap doesn't discriminate and will Zap anybody and everybody within its reach, providing just enough encouragement to move along!

The Stinger
Get in the way of The Stinger and you can be certain it will hit its mark. This automatic trap fires 9 darts in 3 directions and sure does sting unsuspecting Guardians.

The Freezer
The Freezer sure is chilling. It applies a Frost Bite effect which will slow and damage any Guardian that decides to wander onto this ice cold trap!

The Igniter
You can be sure your Guardian won't get cold feet when standing in The Igniter. This red-hot trap applies a Burning effect which you won't forget about easily!

The Blighter
The Blighter is very toxic, any Guardian unfortunate enough to stand on top of it will be remembering its poisonous effects long after he moves on!

The Sticker
This trap might look dark and mysterious on the surface, however, it's quite simple in the way it works. It may take you a while to move on from its grip! Be sure to combo this trap for devastating effects!