Play Expo Blackpool!

We Had great fun showing Guardians OTP off at our latest playtest event in Blackpool at the #PlayExpoBlackpool. If you missed us don’t be sad we’re planning on showing our progress and new features at other event’s this year so be sure to follow our social media!

The Face Lift

We have been hard at work changing the look of our game and are constantly improvingย our theme! We have decided to take on a low poly style to add a little more character to our universe and Arenas! We have also added some new animations for the traps, keep a look out for them in our most recent gameplay video starring players from #PlayExpoBlackpool2018.

We have also changed the way players build traps with new build animations for both the traps and the new Hexagon shaped tiles that house all number of wonderful surprises!

Thanks to everyone who took our new art-style for a spin and played Guardians OTP at Blackpool. Hopefully, we will see a few of you again at future conventions!

Battle of The Devs!

Given that, obviously, this game is competitive by nature the two of us decided to have a 1v1 Match while we were in Blackpool and here is the outcome. We’ll leave you to decide who was who…

Current Focus

Right now we are working hard to smooth over bugs and issues that reared their heads while at Play Expo as-well as reviewing the fantastic amount of feedbackย we received improving mechanics and elements that will help make the game that much more enjoyable!

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