To put it simply, Guardians Of The Past is a multiplayer brawler in which the players build the arena before they battle.

Each player can place up to 3 traps prior to the ‘Battle Phase’. Each trap can affect the player in a different way, whether that’s dealing lots of damage, slowing the player’s movement or pushing the player about.

Once the ‘Battle Phase’ begins, all players can be affected by all traps, and players can use any traps to score kills on their opponents.

While in the ‘Battle Phase’ the players can also pick up ‘Gadgets’. These items are can be used to push and pull other players, as well as invert controls and switch places with opponents. When combined with traps, the results can be deadly.


When is it out?

We don’t have a release date yet. We hoped to be on Steam Early Access by next month, however, some unforeseen issues with banking mean it could be May 2018 instead.

Does it have online multiplayer?

In short, yes, some of the gifs above are from a multiplayer session, it’s not as polished as the local multiplayer version and has a few more bugs.

Any plans for a console release?

We are currently in contact with Microsoft, with the plan to release on Xbox One in the Online Store. If we are accepted then we’ll let you know the details once we finalise them. We also hope to release on the PS4 and Nintendo switch as well, we’ve just got to get around to talking to them first.

How about a Solo/Co-op campaign?

In short, not right now. We’d love to, we really would, but we have to think about ‘scope’. We’ve even experimented with how it would work, but we are just a two-man team. We aren’t ruling it out completely, but it’s not in the plan for final release.

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